• Top 30 Rap Albums of the Decade

    There was no airtight methodology at work. I don’t know how to navigate Excel. I didn’t cross-reference sales numbers with word counts broken into columns marked ‘Club’, ‘Girls’, and ‘Childhood’. These may not be the thirty most influential rap albums released between January 1st, 2010 and August 31st, 2014. But my gut says they’re the best. The order was scrutinized, changed, then torn apart, but that’s beside the point. What follows are thirty records by twenty-four rappers that are marvels of either technical precision or creative vision—sometimes both. Read More
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The sultry buzzing and sensual vocals of Abel Tesfaye manifest within a matter of seconds for the introduction of this flirtatious track. The production on this track is what really caught some attention with its irresistible, low, and, fluctuating beat, coupled with feminine shrills (seems fitting for the content of the track), that drags and accelerates as the track lingers on. The naughty aura of the song has alerted the public that Tesfaye does not lack in satisfying himself with the ladies as, “She asked me if I do this everyday, I said ‘Often’.” This track is hypnotic and gold in terms of production, one can only hope that this new track release is a teaser for the great things The Weeknd has in store for the future.