Impression of Sound is an independently owned and operated publication.

Since “providing the Internet’s most thorough reviews” requires a great deal of personal effort and finances, we are always looking for quality advertisers. Our main goal is to abstain from advertising that isn’t clean and conforming to an easy-to-read environment. Thus, we’re looking for bands, promoters, labels primarily featured, independent advertisements.

For almost a year now, Impression of Sound has been churning out daily track-by-track reviews. Unlike other major media publications, we actually show our work with our reviews. The track-by-track analysis allows us to back up our words and our ratings, instilling a strong basis of credibility in our critiques.

Over a year, our growth has been fantastic. For the first few months, we started off with just a few hundred visits per month. Now, the website has thousands of unique visitors per month and that number is continuing to climb. These numbers grow larger with every passing week.

Just as important, early research has shown the majority of Impression of Sound readers to be between 18-28, educated, and with significant discretionary income.

That’s where you come in. Impression of Sound offers a wide array of ad packages from subtle and refine to grandiose and commanding. With ad rates ranging from $50-$500/month, Impression of Sound can give your brand the kind of exposure they need. Whether you’re major label or a new label just looking to get your name out there, Impression of Sound is there—and we can make it happen.

Please contact our advertising director, Alisa Bennett, if you’re interested in receiving a rate sheet and more information. Thank you for your interest and support.
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